Bathroom Extractor Fans | Discreet Quiet Extraction Fans NZ
Our externally mounted bathroom extractor fans offer a discreet, attractive and effective extraction solution for your bathroom, laundry, cupboard or other interior space.

High performing, these extractor fans have aesthetically appealing stainless-steel covers that can also be colour matched to your requirements.

Whisper quiet, our top quality fans are the perfect option for ventilating bathrooms, laundries, and other similar sized spaces from odours and condensation.

Using a Ventech bathroom extractor fan in conjunction with a Ventech rectangular exit grill is the basis of a very effective and quiet extraction system, capable of meeting Ventech’s silent extraction criteria.

Manufactured in Christchurch, we supply our top-of-the-range extraction fans throughout New Zealand. For the most quiet bathroom extractor fans available call 0800 836 832.

Ventech's wall mounted bathroom extractor fans installed on external wall

Our Extractor Fans

All our extract fans are ideal for bathrooms, laundries and drying rooms. For wall or soffit mounted installations select the VBX 190 or VBXGR 150.  For roof mounted applications the options are the tube mounted VBR 190 or the discreet, low profile, curb mounted VBSQR.

VBXGR 150 Exterior Grille

A side wall or soffit mounted extract grille (without fan).

VBXGR150 Exterior Grille - externally mounted extract grille

VBX 190 Exterior Ventilator

A side wall or soffit mounted extract fan.

VBX 190 Exterior Ventilator

VBR 190 Roof Mounted Fan

A tube roof mounted extract fan.

VBR190 Roof Mounted Fan

VBSQR 190 Ventilator

A curb mounted roof extract fan.

VBSQR 190 Square Curb Roof Ventilator

Keep your home or office fresh and hygienic with Ventech. Call us on 0800 Ventech.