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Ventech is committed to providing silent, high performance bathroom ventilation systems that integrate seamlessly into your home.

Whether it be for your bathroom, laundry or any other space our top-of-the-range extraction systems quietly and efficiently remove condensation and bad odours from your home leaving it drier and healthier.

Ventech has a select range of bathroom ventilation products which offer unique benefits for most extraction systems. Our range of products are amongst the best performing bathroom ventilation systems available. Our bathroom extractor fans and rectangular extract grilles match our standards for effectiveness and silence providing the appropriate ducting layout and component placement is as specified. These products are subtle, and their ability to be colour matched, enables harmony with the architecture of the surroundings.

We will consult your own plans to design the most effective ventilation system possible. We also source the best components for your bathroom, laundry or other space from our selected suppliers, however you can view our own bathroom extractor fans and rectangular extract grilles.

Ventech's Most Popular Ventilation Products

VFG 250 Frameless GrilleUnsure what ventilation product is right for you?

Our most popular extract grille is the VFG 250 Frameless Extract Grille – a minimalist grille ideal for bathrooms, laundries, toilets and other interior spaces.

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VBXGR150 Exterior Grille - externally mounted extract grille Our most popular ventilator is the VBX 190 Exterior Ventilator – a side wall or soffit mounted extract grille without fan, ideal for bathrooms, laundries and drying rooms.

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