Whisper quiet ventilation systems

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The Ventech 800 Rangehood is an attractive range hood which is effective and silent when matched to the specified extraction system - designed by us.

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Bathroom Grilles.

The Ventech Bathroom grilles are designed to be quiet even when delivering high airflows for very effective bathroom extraction.

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Extractor Fans.

Our externally mounted bathroom extractor fans, offer a discreet and effective extraction solution for your bathroom, laundry or other interior space.

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Quiet Range Hoods & Bathroom Ventilation

Ventech provides state-of-the-art ventilation systems for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other interior spaces. Our whisper-quiet kitchen range hoods and bathroom extraction systems are made in Christchurch, and available throughout New Zealand.

Our Top Sellers

Frameless Square Magnetic Grille

Ideal for bathrooms

with showers.

Wall Mounted Extractor Roof Fan | Ventech
Wall Mounted Exterior Fan

For larger ventilation

Surface Mounted RangeHood

Plaque style under cupboard or bulkhead mounted.

Clip-on Retrofit Grille

For bathrooms,
showers, laundries & kitchens.

Curb Mounted Extractor Roof Fan | Ventech
Curb Mounted Roof Fan

For smaller bathrooms,
laundries & showers.

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​Curb Mounted Roof Extractor Fan | Ventech

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Whisper-quiet bespoke range hoods and bathroom extraction systems from Ventech efficiently remove odour and condensation, without disturbing the serenity of the home.

Everything is possible with Ventech as your Partner.

The innovation and quality of Ventech Products has been recognised and featured in many notable New Zealand interior design and kitchen publications.

News and Updates

Introducing Our Redesigned VFG250 With Easy Magnetic Attachment

Our new grille now has the central panel attached magnetically to simplify installation and removal for cleaning. We have changed the name from VFG250 to VSQ250M to reflect these improvements.

Introducing the new Ventech VRG270 Round Frameless Grille

Ideal for Bathrooms, Showers, Laundries, Kitchens Plaster board or tiled ceilings and walls. A minimalist grille showing only a circular negative detail  slot. Framework and fixings are not seen.

Introducing the new Ventech VCR250 Clip In Retrofit Grille

This clip-in version of our retro-fit framed grille dramatically reduces installation time. The simple clip in attachment system eliminates the need for battens and screws.

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3D Models

Our product range is now shown in a 360° model. You can rotate it, zoom in and manipulate the 3D model to see more of our products detail.