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Silent Range Hoods & Bathroom Ventilation

the sound of silence

Custom made ventilation solutions to your requirements

Ventech provide state-of-the-art, silent ventilation systems for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other interior spaces. Our whisper-quiet kitchen range hoods and bathroom extraction systems are made in Christchurch, and available throughout New Zealand.

Silent and effective

Whisper-quiet bespoke range hoods and bathroom extraction systems from Ventech efficiently remove odour and condensation, without disturbing the serenity of the home.

National recognition

The innovation and quality of Ventech Products has been recognised and featured in many notable New Zealand interior design and kitchen publications.

So Quiet You Can Hear a Pin Drop!

Watch our video to hear for yourself how quiet our range hoods are.

Range Hoods

Custom designed kitchen rangehoods that silently eliminate odours and condensation.

Beirne Hood


Whisper-quiet, high performance bathroom ventilation systems eliminating all condensation.

Healey Eevans Bbathroom