Ventech is committed to providing silent, high performance extraction systems. Whether it be bathroom, laundry or any other space. We will consult your own plans to design the most effective system possible.

Ventech has a select range of products which offer unique benefits for most extraction systems. Our range of products are amongst the best performer available. Our fans and grilles match our standards for effectiveness and silence providing the appropriate ducting layout and component placement is as specified. These products are subtle, and their ability to be colour matched, enables harmony with the architecture of the surroundings.

We will always source the best components for your situation from our selected suppliers; however, some of our own products are listed below:

Bathroom Extraction Fan


The Ventech frameless or retrofit extract grille is a modern negative detail grille which can be fitted into your ceiling at the lining stage or at any time using the retrofit option. These stunning and innovative units coupled with a Ventech high performance fan and ductwork will provide the ultimate in high performance whisper quiet extraction systems.

You don’t need to accept low specification plastic bathroom fittings in colours that do not fit your decor ever again.

Extractor Fans

Our externally mounted fans offer a discreet, attractive and effective extraction solution. These high performing fans have aesthetically appealing stainless-steel covers that can also be colour matched to your requirements.

These fans are the perfect option for bathrooms, laundries, and other similar sized spaces.

Using this fan in conjunction with the Ventech rectangular exit grill is the basis of a very effective and quiet extraction system, capable of meeting Ventech’s silent extraction criteria.

For wall or soffit mounted installations select the VBX 190.

For roof mounted applications the options are the tube mounted VBR 190 or the discreet, low profile, curb mounted VBSQR.