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Ventech Ventilation Systems | Christchurch

Introducing Our Redesigned VSQ250M With Easy Magnetic Attachment

Our new grille now has the central panel attached magnetically to simplify installation and removal for cleaning. We have changed the name from VFG250 to VSQ250M to reflect these improvements.

Redesigned VFG250 With Easy Magnetic Attachment


  • Ventech VSQ250M Frameless Magnetic Grille with 150mm spigot. Frameless Magnetic Grille with 150mm spigot.

  • Central plaque magnetically attached.

  • The frame and plaque are made from zinc-plated and powder-coated steel.

  • Suitable fans, ductwork and exterior grilles are also available.

  • At a typical flow rate of 60-70 litres per second, the pressure drop is 26 pa.

  • Ceiling battens are not required.

The new VSQ250M bathroom extract grille is only available from Ventech.



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